High Tech

GTXO to Combine Wearables Devices with AI for Life Extension Market

(NEW YORK)–GTX Corp (OTC:GTXO) to combine wearable devices with AI enabled analytics to assist in expanding human life span well beyond 100 years. In major news, GTXO announced plans to expand its wearable device operations to combine its wearable devices with artificial intelligence (A.I.) to assist in expanding human life span to 120 years, or […]

Private Equity

VectorSpace AI (VXV) Lists on CoinMetro Crypto Exchange

(NEW YORK)–Vectorspace AI (VXV) announced its has begun trading on the CoinMetro crypto exchange. Vectorspace announced they had listed their smart token on CoinMetro exchange expanding the platforms their token is traded on to include Probit and Uniswap. Vectorspace AI smart token (VXV) is used to design, build, distribute and transact datasets for the traditional […]