New America Energy Corp (OTC:NECA)
Doing business under name Title King, the Company provides short term high interest rate "title loans" to borrowers seeking quick cash. This business generates strong cash flow strong, and NECA just launched their first store, and title loan mobile apps for national reach. Could retest recent highs of $0.0017 on break above $0.0005.

Currret Bid/Ask Quote on NECA

Textmunication Holdings, Inc (OTC:TXHD)
With only around 180 million shares issued and outstanding this stock is trading just below $200,000 market cap. They provide SMS mobile marketing, which is replacing the old way of customer promotion through email spam. TXHD SMS volume is growing rapidly, as is their revenues per quarter. This has all the making for run to $0.01+, or 1000% return from these levels.

Currret Bid/Ask Quote on TXHD

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