Tego Cyber (TGCB) Prevents Ransomware Attack on Fortune 500 Company

(NEW YORK)–Tego Cyber Inc. (OTCQB:TGCB), an emerging developer of proactive cyber threat intelligence applications and solutions, recently assisted in preventing cybersecurity attack on large multinational corporation. The Company recently announced their Tego Guardian helped stop a large-scale ransomware attack on a large multinational Fortune 500 company. Their cyber threat detection platform helped prevent the attack […]

High Tech

GTXO to Combine Wearables Devices with AI for Life Extension Market

(NEW YORK)–GTX Corp (OTC:GTXO) to combine wearable devices with AI enabled analytics to assist in expanding human life span well beyond 100 years. In major news, GTXO announced plans to expand its wearable device operations to combine its wearable devices with artificial intelligence (A.I.) to assist in expanding human life span to 120 years, or […]


RENA/ITS Offer Deflationary Upside on Rebalancer Burn Policy

(NEW YORK)–As the DAO governance token for RenaSwap, Iteration Syndicate (CRYPTO: ITS) may be play to watch based on its rebalancer burn policy. RenaSwap (CRYPTO: RENA)is a one-sided automated market maker-based decentralized token swap protocol which utilizes token wrappers, buy-only liquidity pairs, and circulating asset flows to amplify volume for all tokens integrated with RenaSwap. […]