Products and Services

Products and Services

Trader Madness offers a number of products and services to assist companies in building great investor awareness for their story. Below are just a few short snap-shots of products we can develop for your company.



Company Skill on Amazon Alexa

We will develop a simple Alexa Skill on your company for Amazon Echo to provide users information of products, how to invest, and even personalized audio message from the CEO to investors in their living rooms. Skill updates included during term. Enable demo

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Investor Webinars and Presentations

DeepSkyConnect provides video conferencing platform for public companies to conduct live or recorded webinars for shareholders and investors. Discuss new products, recent earnings announcements, Powerpoint presentations, or for internal training purposes. Let Trader Madness promote your presentation.


Mobile App Builder

DeepSky AppBuilderā„¢ platform allows companies to build and manage their own mobile app and web based customer loyalty platform to engage customers AND investors through push messages, loyalty cards, online appointment management, and client self-booking to help you improve product sales.

In addition to these services, we will included one month advertising space on your site to get your brand and stock symbol in front of thousands of active investors and traders.

We also offer equity research reports to establish coverage on your company to give investors clearer idea on your stock potential, and possible future valuation. Limited time only