RENA/ITS Offer Deflationary Upside on Rebalancer Burn Policy

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(NEW YORK)–As the DAO governance token for RenaSwap, Iteration Syndicate (CRYPTO: ITS) may be play to watch based on its rebalancer burn policy.

RenaSwap (CRYPTO: RENA)is a one-sided automated market maker-based decentralized token swap protocol which utilizes token wrappers, buy-only liquidity pairs, and circulating asset flows to amplify volume for all tokens integrated with RenaSwap.

The protocol taps into the numerous capital flows moving through interoperating DEXs and share a percentage of those flows with ETH/RENA liquidity providers, while also burning away some ITS tokens to burn wallet on each rebalance.

RenaSwap is currently integrating Olympus (CRYPTO: OHM) for a wrapped OHM/RENA pairing, and will also be uploading the DOGE-1 Space Tokens to the RenaSwap ecosystem shortly.

RENA/ITS are both deflationary coins and both get burned through the rebalancer, while ITS gives you proposal and voting power for the project ecosystem.

ITS currently has 46,869 tokens in circulation, and could see a dramatic decrease in coming weeks as RenaSwap projects go live and begin to burn away RENA and ITS tokens.

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