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Join a growing army of retail investors who seek out unique trading plays together with other investors and traders.

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The power of Reddit and Robinhood shows groups of investors gather together online make for winning ways to trade what's hot before it hits the radars.

Trader Madness is putting together our own growing group of traders called the Trading Army and we invite you to signup and join our trading crew today!


Pre-Market Open - 4:00am EST
(get some sleep buddy)

Trading Hours - 9:30 to 4pm EST
(open all session)

After Hour Cocktails - 5pm EST
(What's moving AH)


Saturday's Cypto Corner
(all day)

Sunday Battle Plans
(gather troops in afternoon)

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High Risk
Small and Micro cap, or ‘penny stocks’, involve a high degree of risk, and we highly encourage investors to consult with a financial adviser before making any and all investment decisions when investing in these type of securities